If you have arrived here it is because you have The incredible Granny’s guide of the Maresme!


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If you dare to travel around this region, one of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world, I will be happy to show it to you and your family.

There are 30 towns, from Tordera to Montgat. With museums for all tastes and popular festivals all year round.

laiaiadelmaresme-1-ruta-585x260So that you can make the most of your time with your family, I have drawn you a map of each route with the most important things to visit. What route are we doing today?There are 10!

laiaiadelmaresme- mapa de Maresme

10 Routes

Here you can expand the information following the symbol laiaiadelmaresme-icona-info which you will find in the printed guide and, at the same time, you can download the route in PDF.


Route 1

Tordera / Palafolls / Malgrat de Mar


Route 2

Santa Susanna / Pineda de Mar / Calella

Ruta 3

Route 3

Sant Iscle de Vallalta / Sant Cebrià de Vallalta / Sant Pol de Mar


Route 4

Arenys de Munt / Canet de Mar / Arenys de Mar


Route 5

Caldes d’Estrac / Sant Vincenç de Montalt / Sant Andreu de Llaveneres


Route 6


Ruta 7

Route 7

Dosrius / Òrrius / Argentona / Cabrera de Mar


Route 8

Cabrils /  Vilassar de Mar / Vilassar de Dalt / Premià de Dalt / Premià de Mar


Route 9

Alella / El Masnou / Teià

Ruta 10

Route 10

Tiana / Montgat

Medals and diploma



laiaiadelmaresme-iaia-senyala-2 Have you faced the challenges? Have you drawn foolish things, solved riddles and found treasure?

laiaiadelmaresme-coetMolt i molt bé! Bravo!!!!

Here you can download and print your expeditionary medal!

Download the medals

Click the image to download the medals.

Download the diploma

Click the image to download the diploma.

The medals


10 Riddles = Black-winged stilt medal

If you solve 10 riddles, you’ll get the Black-winged stilt expeditionary medal, the smartest and most talkative of all my friends.


10 treasures = Tern medal

When you find at least 10 treasures, you will obtain the Tern, expeditionary medal, the fastest bird to detect treasures.


10 foolish things = Hopoe medal

If you do these 10 foolish things I suggest, you’ll get the Hopoe, expeditionary medal, the foolishest of all, don’t you think?


All the medals = Woodpecker medal

laiaiadelmaresme-picot-negre-sobre-troncOh, my little friend, but you are a rara avis like me and you have long legs like the black-winged stilt, a sterna soul and hopoe imagination. So if you get all the medals you will be an expeditionary… Woodpecker!

My medal is the highest level. And with it it also comes a prize: pick it up at any Maresme Tourist Office. Let it be known that I am Granny’s eternal companion!


The Granny's mask

laiaiadelmaresme - grandmother's mask
Click on the image to download the grandmother's mask

Picotet's mask

laiaiadelmaresme - the Picotet mask.
Click on the image to download the Picotet mask.


Click on the image to download the pastime